Cultural probe: How do you plan journeys and navigate?

The video explains what the research is, how to take part and what you need to do.
How to get involved
  1. Send an email to to register your interest and get a unique reference number. The reference number should be used instead of your name on anything you complete.

  2. We will send you a pack of information to complete in the post, or you can download and print it yourself using the documents below.

  3. Complete the journey details for up to 2 weeks and then send back to us (in the post or electronically using the upload links below). You also need to sign and return the informed consent form.

Download documents
Upload photos and completed documents to Dropbox

In order to allow uploads to Dropbox I have to first add your email address so please contact if you want to use Dropbox to upload files. This might be needed if you take photographs which may exceed the maximum file size for an email.

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